Team Raia

Anthony Raia

With a background in Architecture and Construction, I have a vast understanding about the fundamentals of building. There is not a building or residence that I have been through where I cannot guide my potential investor to discuss whether the property is a good acquisition or not.

With a Real Estate and Mortgage financial family, and over 50 years in the business, it is clear that I was born into the real estate industry. As a child growing up, I often found myself going to one of my father’s listing or offer presentations, and as deals were being made, it was evident that this was the industry I was meant to be apart of – I truly enjoy what I do!

I pay attention to detail and work hard to facilitate what your expectations are in either purchasing or selling your property. I put my best foot forward in making sure my client’s interests are at the forefront with my professionalism, strong ethics, and integrity.

Whether you're purchasing a property and need someone to negotiate the best deal possible, or you're trying to sell your property and expect it SOLD for TOP DOLLAR in a reasonable time frame – you need someone who is KNOWLEDGABLE and PASSIONATE in their field. It’s not what you should be looking for; it’s what you DESERVE! 

Alec Christodoulou

Growing up in the ‘Digital Age’, I have extensive knowledge on the inner-workings of how to market your property effectively. Having the ability to market your property through our Digital Media Marketing Plan will give the most amount of exposure to a greater amount of potential buyers.

With a University Degree in Business, I am able to thoroughly comprehend market trends and understand how a change in the global economy affects the real estate market. This can largely benefit you when it comes down to the sale or purchase of a property as we can determine through market analysis that you are getting the best possible deal when purchasing and the most dollar value when selling.

I am extremely passionate about this industry and strive to ensure my clients’ experience is seamless and smooth throughout the entire process. I am with my clients every step of the way and am well versed enough in the business that I am able to answer whatever question or concern they have. I am available 24/7 and make it a point to give my clients the attention and professionalism they DESERVE when dealing with the biggest transaction of their life.